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Jesus at the foot of my bed

  “Have fun!” The friendly cashier bade an elderly lady goodbye and turned to me. “Found everything you needed? What’s so funny?” A big smile adorned my face. “Oh, the vision of a rounded, bent-over, old lady ‘having fun,’” said I. … Continue reading

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FREE: HnH E-Book, July 17, 18

  You’ve likely heard a captain of the financial industry describing our government’s function (dysfunction?) as “all the stupid shit.” Is it, really? Things may be simpler when one’s investing, counting beans of gold. That we understand. But political machinations, … Continue reading

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Saving Easter

No, no ‘passover lamb’ was pardoned, nor were any eggs picked or left undisturbed. A life was brought back from certain death: my daughter saved a fledgling, not by accident, by precautions she took against such eventuality. How did this … Continue reading

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The Light from Within: A Letter

  “My friend, do not lose yourself in blinding faith. Find yourself through sparks of insight. You will then advance toward the soothing flame of enlightenment. “Life, at all levels of abstraction, can be visualized as Chakras, or circles of … Continue reading

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To India – My Origins

A while since my last bit of writing. “…since I last wrote” would be much shorter and to the delight of the late William J. Strunk Jr., of ‘The Elements of Style’ fame, but could convey alternate meanings and make … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gift

‘Humbling and Humility’ (HnH), a multicultural narrative of betrayal, empathy, and a father’s love, is on a Kindle Countdown sale June 12th through Father’s Day, June 19th, 2016. BLURB: “Humbling and Humility” is an intense, detailed narrative of an Indian-American father … Continue reading

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Empathy, Compassion, and Morality Need No God

A controversial topic for an essay. Call it Flash Philosophy, if you like. The naughty connotation of ‘flash’ lends some controversy, while this blog post surely qualifies as a brief (therefore, ‘flash’) foray into social philosophy. But seriously, it has … Continue reading

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