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Saving Easter

No, no ‘passover lamb’ was pardoned, nor were any eggs picked or left undisturbed. A life was brought back from certain death: my daughter saved a fledgling, not by accident, by precautions she took against such eventuality. How did this … Continue reading

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To India – My Origins

A while since my last bit of writing. “…since I last wrote” would be much shorter and to the delight of the late William J. Strunk Jr., of ‘The Elements of Style’ fame, but could convey alternate meanings and make … Continue reading

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Lucy and her Gifts…Birds in the Backyard

Lucy, my feral Ragdoll resident, sometimes brings her catch into my place. A mourning dove, small brown birds, and even a lizard once. By the time the birds are brought in, they are beyond resuscitation; I was able to save … Continue reading

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A Probationary Officer’s Interest in Indian Culture

A sequential excerpt from Humbling and Humility Sid’s query, about clarifications members may need regarding the counseling group and sessions, pulled me back to the day’s session from troubled memories. No, I thought, recalling Sid’s wife-in-bed-with-another question, I had not … Continue reading

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