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Saving Easter

No, no ‘passover lamb’ was pardoned, nor were any eggs picked or left undisturbed. A life was brought back from certain death: my daughter saved a fledgling, not by accident, by precautions she took against such eventuality. How did this … Continue reading

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An Early Spring

Spring is decidedly early this year. What with record-breaking temperatures, 15 degrees and more above normal for more than half of February, my trees are rather confused. I’m not complaining. A pleasure to see wintry branches break out in glorious … Continue reading

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Food and Friends

Food has begun to appear on my sidewall. The sweetest of oranges, home-grown. And I made a new friend over the other side wall. She greets me when I feed my birds everyday. She’s just a year old. These oranges … Continue reading

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Lucy and her Gifts…Birds in the Backyard

Lucy, my feral Ragdoll resident, sometimes brings her catch into my place. A mourning dove, small brown birds, and even a lizard once. By the time the birds are brought in, they are beyond resuscitation; I was able to save … Continue reading

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