Update (December 2015): A synopsis for ‘Humbling and Humility’ in PDF form. HnH is available in ebook and print formats at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Update (July 2015) Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion: HnH @ 50% off all July 2015: Smashwords

Update (12/15/2014): As promised, the book was released on 09/21/2014. Here it is at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Smashwords, and Flipkart. Find it at your favorite online retailer globally as well!

Humbling and Humility at Smashwords

Humbling and Humility

Sept. 1, 2014: The novel is nearly done! Am working on a final self edit to ready it for release. This should take no more than a couple of weeks. Then comes back cover, ISBN, and upload to distribution channels…and publication before the end of this month. It’s a promise.


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