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Saving Easter

No, no ‘passover lamb’ was pardoned, nor were any eggs picked or left undisturbed. A life was brought back from certain death: my daughter saved a fledgling, not by accident, by precautions she took against such eventuality. How did this … Continue reading

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Another ‘Swing of the Pendulum’

Prophetic. Arrogant, offensive, but prescient. He said it, and did it. Take a deep breath…the name calling, nasty, divisive, financially irresponsible outsider did it. But just how did he do it? Friends call me up to commiserate.  Some are very … Continue reading

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To India – My Origins

A while since my last bit of writing. “…since I last wrote” would be much shorter and to the delight of the late William J. Strunk Jr., of ‘The Elements of Style’ fame, but could convey alternate meanings and make … Continue reading

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Fostering Violence and Fundamentalism

An excerpt from Humbling and Humility “If there is to be peace in the world, there must first be peace in the heart.” – Lao Tzu Sid strove to justify the state’s approach. “It used to be different in the … Continue reading

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My One Conversation With God

Did I ever tell you about my one (and only) conversation with God? No? I think you’ll enjoy it… so here goes. On a fun exploration adventure with a good undergraduate college friend, AGS for short, we visited a gorge … Continue reading

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Take Two Sentences

    When writing, take a couple of sentences to set a scene. Immerse the reader in it. Build expectations, anticipation. These two caught my eye as I browsed an online article early this morning: “Water pipes gurgle worryingly in … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Gift

‘Humbling and Humility’ (HnH), a multicultural narrative of betrayal, empathy, and a father’s love, is on a Kindle Countdown sale June 12th through Father’s Day, June 19th, 2016. BLURB: “Humbling and Humility” is an intense, detailed narrative of an Indian-American father … Continue reading

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