Review: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne
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“Where there is life, there is hope.”


Perhaps the only thing true about this highly imaginative, fantastical narrative. An engaging adventure, replete with marvelous descriptions of exotic places, and people, Jules Verne holds a reader’s attention and entertains the wandering, wondering mind. Deeper into the work, one encounters incredible scenes and adventures…

Yet exactly that is where I felt the work loosen its hold on me. The incredible lends disbelief, which the work, regrettably, does not suspend.

The center of the Earth? The CENTER? The adventurers barely penetrate…granted that is just a fanciful title, and this is a journey into the interior of the Earth. But a compass needle pointing upwards? The Earth would’ve to be smaller than the Moon for that to make sense. Light in the interior sometimes casting clear shadows, and sometimes not…

And what’s with the phlegmatic eider-down hunter? He seemed as flat a character as can be, while others are developed well, albeit not altogether rounded. The interesting bits of language foreign to most readers was catchy.

Boredom with over-dramatization and with an overactive imagination sped up my reading as well. Perhaps, as a writer myself, I am overly critical!

A good read, one that the very young or casual science-fiction aficionados may enjoy.

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