Review: The Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
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Enchanting…masterful, and deeply moving.

The sure sign of a great master – of the arts – is that he can evoke powerful emotions through his illustration. Monseuir Dumas does so brilliantly in The Count of Monte Cristo. He paints most imaginative visions, and yet suspends disbelief. He tells… like the ancient storytellers who enraptured audiences through their refined narration.

Oh, how I crave to be an apprentice to this great artist!

The translation does have its flaws…some words, such as ‘toilet,’ appear ludicrously employed. Perhaps the usage of the times then. The linearity of the narration is noticeable, as is a penchant for the religious and the supernatural. Cultural aspects of the times, too, perhaps, or what readers appreciated then. A tendency to engage a reader solely in conversation gives way to lengthy reflection in latter parts of the work. Yet, from a master, these are but his distinction.

Bravo, M. Dumas!

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