Review: A History of Native American Land Rights in Upstate New York

A History of Native American Land Rights in Upstate New York
A History of Native American Land Rights in Upstate New York by Cindy Amrhein
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A detailed, rigorously researched, amply illustrated, and expertly edited historical work.

A feeling of overwhelming sadness fills the mind as one reads this work by Cindy Amrhein. Am reminded of an old Native American saying, “Man can no more own land than he can own air or water.” Cindy proves, with unerring accuracy, that greed and deceit invalidated – no, decimated – this simple wisdom of indigenous peoples. They were robbed not only of their land, but also of their lives, and their way of life.

The work includes very many exquisite images of historical significance that support the author’s rigorous research documented within. A book recommended to all history buffs, especially those who seek to understand the injustice inflicted upon American Indians.

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