Father’s Day Gift

‘Humbling and Humility’ (HnH), a multicultural narrative of betrayal, empathy, and a father’s love, is on a Kindle Countdown sale June 12th through Father’s Day, June 19th, 2016.

BLURB: “Humbling and Humility” is an intense, detailed narrative of an Indian-American father and husband’s struggle with betrayal by his spouse and its consequences upon himself and his children. Including a critical view of state intervention, into domestic discord in families in America, the narrative explores this father’s attempts to mitigate harm and accommodate disruptive life changes in non-violent ways, both in his family and in other families in similar predicaments. In raw and honest discussions, with no pretense of holding back, the author delves into culture and gender differences and the many challenges immigrants face in America.

HnH has been curated by the LibraryJournal for distribution of self-published ebooks in the State of Arizona  in 2015.



About Rian Nejar

Rian Nejar is an Indian-American author. He trained and worked as an engineer in India, lived briefly in the Middle East, and arrived in America in the early 90's. After a Master’s degree in electrical engineering in America, he worked as an academic instructor, engineer, entrepreneur, and technical writer over the two decades since. Humbling and Humility (http://goo.gl/FKUnCM) is his first mainstream nonfiction. He lives and writes in the Southwest United States.
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