Food and Friends

Food has begun to appear on my sidewall. The sweetest of oranges, home-grown.

Oranges on my wall

And I made a new friend over the other side wall. She greets me when I feed my birds everyday. She’s just a year old.

Neighbor's dog Bey saying hello

These oranges are a recent development. My next door neighbor, who often gets to enjoy some of my spicy culinary efforts…has an orange tree in her yard. You can just about see it in the background.

‘Bey’ is my new friend. She’s watched me spread seeds on the high back wall, and comes by to say hello often. When I pat her head, she muzzles it, and then places one paw on my hand on the wall. A gesture, not just play, that means so much.

You can see what’s in the yard where Bey plays…but what backyard landscaping do you think is in the yard from which oranges appear? 🙂



About Rian Nejar

Rian Nejar is an Indian-American author. He trained and worked as an engineer in India, lived briefly in the Middle East, and arrived in America in the early 90's. After a Master’s degree in electrical engineering in America, he worked as an academic instructor, engineer, entrepreneur, and technical writer over the two decades since. Humbling and Humility ( is his first mainstream nonfiction. He lives and writes in the Southwest United States.
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