Review: Kind of Like Life

Kind of Like Life
Kind of Like Life by Christina McMullen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A highly imaginative, creative YA fantasy, Christina McMullen’s Kind of Like Life is anything but ordinary life.

Beginning with rote social and lifestyle concerns of a young girl, the story moves with rapidity into twists and turns that surprise and grip even the most skeptical reader. And the intensity – that demands a readers attention – is maintained throughout the work, increasing as it moves toward a predictable yet insanely complicated series of events near its conclusion.

This is the first work I’ve come across that experiments with delving into various themes in fiction genre, all within one story, and does so with commendable success. Ms. McMullen succeeds marvelously in suspending a reader’s disbelief as she takes her characters, who are very well developed in the narration, through a number of implausible and life-threatening scenarios that they must navigate through. As they navigate these situations, they develop an awareness of themselves, and each other…leading eventually to a fulfilling conclusion of an intricate plot with innumerable twists.

While there may be instances, and scenarios, where a discerning reader may experience bewilderment, or a picky editor may find minor flaws, the story moves along fluidly and seamlessly. It is well written, eminently readable, and quite enjoyable, even for one who is not a YA fantasy fan. I am glad I picked this delectable story up during a promotion, and do recommend it for teens and adults alike!

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