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Humbling and Humility chosen by Library Journal’s Self-e

The multicultural narrative of infidelity, empathy, compassion, and love – Humbling and Humility – was accepted for distribution to libraries in Arizona by the Library Journal Self-e team in July this year. Through this selection, HnH (in ebook form) is … Continue reading

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Author Interview

Writer and blogger Rakhi Jayashankar interviewed me on HnH recently. An excerpt: Why did you write this book? I wrote HnH so the journey, and commiserating thoughts, may help others. So injustice, and corrupt systems, do not go unaddressed. Besides, … Continue reading

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The Eye of God

What are we, but Plato’s shadows, and dust in the wind?

My mind is troubled, heart, heavy and cheerless, and soul greatly anguished. Attacks on civilian populations in the past month have increased in frequency and brutality…and in their effectiveness. Nothing in the ideology of perpetrators of such violence leaves room for dialogue, for understanding, for tolerance. Nor do reprisals by governments lend any solace or comfort. Hopelessness fills the self. Continue reading

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Review: Questing for a Dream

Questing for a Dream by P.D. Workman My rating: 5 of 5 stars An amazing book, very well written; a heartbreaking story of loss, suffering, and self-realization. Pam D. Workman draws clear and vivid pictures in readers’ minds with her … Continue reading

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Review: Kind of Like Life

Kind of Like Life by Christina McMullen My rating: 5 of 5 stars A highly imaginative, creative YA fantasy, Christina McMullen’s Kind of Like Life is anything but ordinary life. Beginning with rote social and lifestyle concerns of a young … Continue reading

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