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My Choice: A Strong Message of Individuality and Equality…

The voice is confident. Resolute. The arguments, compelling. The message undeniable and clear. This is a deeply self-aware individual breaking free of shackles, of her community, of an oppressive Indian (Eastern) society. Doubtlessly, an alluring human being. One claiming her … Continue reading

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Do what’s right because it’s right: A mother’s words

A Mother’s Words to a Soldier in Battle Isn’t life a battle too? Between hunger and satiation, exposure and shelter, ignorance and knowledge, fear, of the unknown, and the thrill of exploration? Do we not navigate through these choppy states … Continue reading

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What is Love but Summer Wine?

Summer Wine came to mind today. A song I’d heard and loved decades ago. Spring is in the air, perhaps; the past weekend was its official beginning this year. As the song goes, summer wine is made from strawberries, cherries, … Continue reading

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Lucy, Trixie, and kittens from “Humbling and Humility”

(An excerpt from “Small Measures of Peace” in HnH) The kittens grew quickly, and became a common fixture on our backyard walls and in the patio. They had distinct behaviors: Black Panther was a male loner, staying away from the … Continue reading

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Vague Causes Bandied About – Market Hindsight

I meant to post this the weekend of the 7th of March. Hesitated; perhaps because it may have seemed something of a “told you so!” follow on to a post about markets at record highs recently. Or because there didn’t … Continue reading

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Lucy and her Gifts…Birds in the Backyard

Lucy, my feral Ragdoll resident, sometimes brings her catch into my place. A mourning dove, small brown birds, and even a lizard once. By the time the birds are brought in, they are beyond resuscitation; I was able to save … Continue reading

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