A Writer: Artist, or Craftsperson?

Rembrandt's sketch of a child being taught to walk

A Child Being Taught to Walk: A Sketch by Rembrandt

Came across a question in a discussion group some weeks ago: “Is a writer an artist, or a craftsperson?”

They are both, are they not? Craftspeople, and artists, in varying proportion?

A difference, or distinction, if you will, is perhaps that every writer may aspire to create works of art that transcend mere form and function.

Am reminded of an example from a movie – “The Artist and the Model” – where the artist shows his model a paper with a sketch on it. The model sees nothing distinctive about the sketch, and neither do we who watch the movie, until the artist begins to explain the brilliance of the scratches made with a stick and ink on paper by Rembrandt.

An accomplished artist brings in so much more into a work with the simplest of strokes…perhaps a master of the art of written expression does much the same, creating and conveying so much more with the most prosaic prose.

Thoughts? Here’s the trailer of the movie you may enjoy watching…it is an imaginative depiction of the sunset of an artist’s life including mature themes.


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